New Website Launches!

10/9/20231 min read

With a second full-length album coming out we’ve decided to make it official and get ourselves a dedicated website!

Sure, we could probably get by with just a bandcamp account, instagram, various streamer profiles and a linktree to connect them all, but we really want our own space. A space not ruled by algorithms or engagement metrics, where we're not just filling in data points and content into someone else’s enterprise. This is our own clubhouse, our band loft, our crash pad, our HQ where you can connect with The Green L.E.D.s’ music. Welcome!

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the new album The Opposite of Afterglow and we can’t wait for you to hear it. It captures the moody, hopeful angst of the first album, builds on it, and takes it to new places. You can hear what we’re up to on the advance single Shake it Down Tonight, which came out on an EP this summer. There are 9 more originals that range from energetic power-pop to introspective guitar wails. There’s also a cover that we just love and hope will be a fun surprise (the only hint we’ll give is that the song was released in 1986)!

Keep in touch, probably our instagram is the best/easiest, most likely to be checked. And follow us on spotify or apple music to have the new album added to your library as soon as it’s available!