Masters Delivered!

The new album hits the streams Nov 17!

10/22/20231 min read

The mixes have been mixed, the masters are mastered, and the new album is ready for worldwide distribution on Nov 17!

Rob has been working on this project in the background for about a year now, in between all the videos and festival prep for The American Songbook: Redacted, and he’s ready to share it with the world! It mixes the angst and guitars of post-punk with the synths and quirkiness of new wave, and then blends them with the hooks and backing vocals of power-pop to bring you an album full of melodic songs and solid musicianship.

The album will be available on all the streaming services, and if you’re a Spotify user you can pre-save it right now with this link! Not only will that add the album to your library as soon as it’s available, it’ll help us out immensely with our first day stats, which are very important to the algorithm bots for visibility.

We’ve also decided to get a very limited run of CDs made, which will be available through Rob’s online store. We just wanted something tangible because we still don’t really trust all these streaming services :P

We’re excited for you to hear the new album! And if you haven’t checked out the advance single on the Shake It Down Tonight EP, give it a spin!